28mm WW2 Romanians

(packs = 8 figures unless otherwise stated)

This is a commissioned range provided as per the customer requirements - WW2 is not normally a period we would undertake. However, if you like these and buy them, we will be more than happy to expand on those currently offered. So, if you want more - buy these and let us know what else you would like!

Romanian Riflemen

Romanian Riflemen


Riflemen : 8 figures from 5 pose variants. We have added rolled greatcoats, satchels etc to some of the figures to provide additional variation.

Photos show typical pack contents

Infantry support

Infantry Support : 2 x Officer, 2x SMG, 2 x LMG, 1 x Flamethrower, 1 x Rifleman.

NB : if you don't like this mix - just let us know the 8 figure combination you would like

Heavy Machine Gun
Heavy Machine Gun : Machine Gun (2 part model), Gunner, additional crewman in half kneeling pose.
coming soon

60mm M2 Mortar : Mortar (one piece casting), figure loading round, additional crewman in half kneeling pose.

Available now



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