The Roman & Hellenistic Gallery


Princepes and Hastati


RRPC1 : Republican Roman Command

RRP1 & RRP2 : Princepes & Hastati

RRP4 : Velite(spear removed)


two from GLD1

the other 3 from GLD1

RRP5 : Republican Roman Cavalry

GLD1 : Close up of 2 of the figures - no, I cannot remember which is which!

GLD1 : Close up of the other 3 figures in the set - the guy on the right comes with a separate net, oops!

Chariot from Front

Chariot from above

Parthian Horse Archer

GLD2 : Front view of the 4 horse chariot

GLD2 again : from above

PAR1 : Parthian Horse Archers

PAR2 & 3 : Parthian Heavy Cavalry and Mounted Command    

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