WW2 Polish Gallery

Polish Infantry
LMG and Anti-Tank advancing

POL1 & POL2 : Infantry Skirmishing & Command

POL3 & POL7 : Infantry LMG & Anti-Tank rifle (Advancing figures)

Anti Tank Firing
HMG and Crew

POL7 : Anti-Tank Lying Firing

POL4 : H.M.G. + 3 crew (you get 2 in the pack)

L.M.G. Lying Firing
81mm Mortar and Crew

POL3 : L.M.G. Lying Firing

POL6 : 81mm Mortar + 3 Crew (you get 2 in the pack)

Polish Tanks

Polish Cavalry

Polish tanks - supplied by Q.R.F. See their site on the links page or get them from us at the shows

POL8 & 9 : Cavalry and Command

Black Brigade
POL10 & 11 : Black Brigade and Command  

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