NEWS on the Home Front at Outpost Wargame Services

So, you would like to know why Outpost is closed .... As I said on the main site page, further health problems have been identified, these were found when the doctors were taking routine blood tests for the fairly common gallbladder surgery.

Unfortunately it turns out I have a type of blood cancer that without a stem cell transplant will almost certainly turn into an aggressive Leukemia. As luck would have it, my sister has turned out to be a pretty perfect donor so the procedure has a reasonable chance of success. However, I will be just about 'totally out of action' for around 3 months and full recovery can take a year or more.

As you may imagine, Outpost has become a lot less important to my wife and I just now.

Many thanks to all those customers who have supported Outpost over the 25 years (and more!) we have been around - take care, stay well and enjoy your gaming. With a bit of luck and lot of support from the NHS and my family, I do hope to reopen at some point - but for now I just cannot say when that may be.

Jeff Bevan