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Ancient Ships 1
Ancient Ships 2

MED1 - 5 (1-3600 scale) : Yes, these are tiny, but you are meant to have hundreds on the board at once!!

MED6 - 11 (1-3600 scale)

Medeival Cogs

Cog with castellations and full sail

COG5 on the left : COG2 on the right NB : The 'rat lines' to the mast included with the model have been removed for picture clarity

COG6 : Cog with castellations and full sail. Picture provided by Tobias Paylo who has done a lovely paint job on the models, many thanks Tobias. Fore and aft rigging was added by Tobias, to great effect.

COG6 again from Tobias, side view this time showing the 'rat lines' in place.  

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