Pictures from the Display/Demo games by

Falkirk Wargames Club

Many thanks to Kenny and the guys from Falkirk Wargames Club who staged a number of great games, both participation and demonstration using our Mexican Revolution range at various shows in Scotland and the N.E. of England. Everyone who both took part and watched thoroughly enjoyed both the spectacle and entertainment. The Lads are a great example of what a wargame club should be, if you live anywhere near them, why not join them or if you happen to be on holiday in the area I'm sure they would welcome you for the evening. Visit their website for further details (see Links section).
Falkirk Guys
The revolution in action!
Choo Choo

Selection of dodgy blokes also known as the leading lights from Flakirk Wargames Club

A view of the game at Kirriemuir Show

Another view of the same game also showing the train by 'Redoubt'
Please make it a 6
Fed Personalities
Yet another view - great buildings Kenny! Deep discussions! But their opponents are listening?
Mex Game
Federales defences
Federales Artillery
Federales defending the town waiting for the Villista onslaught A closer view of the Federales defences Federales Artillery looking for a target
Villista Artillery
Villista Cavalry
Villista Cavalry

Villista Artillery shell the town

While their mounted comrades charge in

From two sides
Villista machine gun
Federales machine guns
Federales Cavalry

A Villista hotchkiss machine gun gives support to the attack

while Federales MG's vigorously defend and ......

Federales Cavalry come charging to the rescue
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