The Mexican Revolution Gallery

See the figures in action in the Game Gallery, with photos from the participation/demonstration games staged by Falkirk Wargame club.
Federales 1
Federales 2

Selection of Federales 1 scanned from mag advert

Selection of Federales 2 scanned from mag advert

FED10 & 12 : Cavalry and Cavalry Command in Cap
Fed Personalities
Federale Artillery
FED15 : Personalities (Angeles, Madero & Huerta) FED14 & ART1 (Artillery Crew + French 75mm Gun)
Selection of Villistas
Mounted Villistas
more Mounted Villistas
Villista Machine Gun
VIL2 : Mounted Villistas VIL2 again - different angle
VIL4 : MG crew with Hotchkiss MG (and some of VIL1 in background)
Villista Personalities
Rurales Infantry
Rurales Foot Command

VIL8 : Personalities (Villa, Obregon & Orozco) - No, Villa did not look like Yul Brinner!

RUR1 : Rurales Infantry

RUR2 : Rurales Infantry Command
U.S. Cavalry
U.S. Cavalry Command
Dismounted Cavalry

MUS1 : U.S. Cavalry (also suitable for WW1)

MUS2 : U.S. Cavalry Command

MUS3 : Dismounted Cavalry
Federales Infantry in cap

Federales Infantry in Kepi

Federales Infantry in Kepi

FED1 : Federales Infantry in cap. This photo and the rest following were provided by a customer (Alan Cook - many thanks Alan, they look great)

FED3 & 4 : Federales Infantry in Kepi with MG and crew

FED3, 4 & 7 : Federales Infantry in Kepi, with Command and MG+Crew
Federales Cavalry in Kepi
FED11 & 13 : Federales Cavalry in Kepi A nice picture of Alans Federal troops in Mexican scenery
Great to see the troops deployed ready to take action

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