The Macedonian Range

15mm Pewter Figurines

(Foot = 8 figures, Mounted = 4 figures, unless otherwise stated)

The Macedonian Army was forged by Philip II and used by his son Alexander the Great to forge a huge empire. It was the product of Philips close analysis of warfare and is acknowledged as one of the greatest fighting formations of all time,. The army combined mobility, flexibility and striking power to an extent never seen before. The use of light and heavy troops gave a balance which allowed the army to operate in any terrain against any opponent with equal success. An efficient seige train and engineering corps also promised victory against the most valiently defended stronghold. An effective staff system meant that orders could be transmitted and acted upon promptly and all these elements combined to make the Macedonian Army a virtually unbeatable instrument in the hands of a military genius.
Mercenary Hoplites (assorted from 4 helmet/stance variants)
Phalangites (assorted from 4 helmet/stance variants)
Hypaspists (assorted from 3 helmet/stance variants)
Peltasts (assorted from 3 helmet/stance variants)
Javelin Skirmishers (assorted from 2 stance variants)
Slingers (assorted from 2 stance variants)
Greek / Cretan Archers (assorted from 2 stance variants)
Companions (Heavy Cavalry - 3 variants)
Thessalian Cavalry (Heavy Cavalry - 2 variants)
Prodromoi (Light Cavalry - 2 variants)
Greek Light Cavalry (2 variants)
Foot Command ( 2 sets of 3 figs)
Mounted Command (3 mounted figures)
STARTER ARMY (number of figures shown)
  • 16 x MAC1 Mercenary Hoplites
  • 16 x MAC2 Phalangites
  • 16 x MAC3 Hypaspists
  • 8 x MAC4 Peltasts
  • 8 x MAC5 Javelin Skirmishers
  • 16 x MAC7 Greek / Cretan Archers
  • 8 x MAC8 Companions (Heavy Cavalry)
  • 8 x MAC11 Greek light Cavalry
  • 1 x MACC1 Foot Command (2 x 3 figs)
  • 1 x MACC2 Mounted Command (3 mtd figs)

86 foot and 19 mounted , save £2.40


N.B. : Shields are included with the figures where appropriate

We no longer supply pewter spears but can supply florist wire if requested

Gallery updated to include great pics from Steve Bown's army now covering all of the codes - many thanks Steven

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