Stockists/Distributors of Outpost Wargame Services figures :

USA (books only) : 'On Military Matters' web site

UK (books only) : Caliver Books web site

Canada : Five Arrows Figures and Fine Arts, 7 Hilo Road, Etobicoke Ontario, CANADA M8W 1L8 ; e-mail web site

Australia : Olympian Games P.O. Box 289 LPO Erindale ACT 2903 Australia ; E-mail

Germany : Quirxel Games Gbr, Am Pannofen 7, 47595 Geldern, Germany ; Quirxel Games

Trade Enquiries are Welcome - contact us to discuss details Here

Manufacturers whose goods we also trade at Wargame Shows :

Curteys Miniatures 28mm figures (Sung Dynasty Chinese and Mongols so far)

Veni Vidi Vici (Shield Transfers)

Societies whose membership we offer discount to :

Society of 20th Century Wargamers

Society of Ancients (contains independent reviews of some of our figures and lots of other good stuff - if you are into Ancients, this is THE place)

Wargame Clubs / Show Organisers :

Falkirk & District Wargames club : this is one of the friendliest group of guys you could wish to meet, they will offer a warm welcome to anyone wishing to join their club. If you live anywhere near Falkirk(Scotland) - this is the place to go for both experienced wargamers and newcomers alike, of any age. Pictures of their Mexican revolution demonstration game using our figures are now on the site(including pictures of their 'leading lights'!). Go There

Durham Wargames Club : very nice site - Go There


Troop of Shewe : top class painting skills by Neil Burt (painted some of the Aztec range) - always has a commission in progress and he is not 'cheap and cheerful', but if you want your figures to some of the best painted you can get ..... he is the man! Have a look at the galleries on his website (soon to contain pics of an Aztec project he is working on, with many of our figures of course!)

Under the bed enterprises - a very good painting service run by two great guys - Mark and Ray (did the new Age of Arthur figures) - they are also retailing what were our 20mm Korean War and WW2 ranges (now under the name 'Reiver miniatures')

DBA Resource page (all things DBA) - link updated 02/06/2004

Dan Merseys Page (of Glutter of Ravens fame) **NEW LINK **

The Miniatures Page by Bill Armintrout - a great site for Wargamers and Miniature Collectors, packed with information - not to be missed! - a great site for both Wargamers & RPG'ers alike, plenty of links, info and a 'chat' area

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