Late Samurai 1550-1600 (ish!)

15mm Pewter Figurines : Packs contain 8 foot figures or 4 mounted (or otherwise described)

These figures represent the Japanese Soldiers of the Azuchi-Momoyama or Late Warring Kingdoms period.

In 1543 a Portugese vessel with a cargo of firearms bound for China was blown off course and landed in Japan. The introduction of firearms that resulted revolutionised Japanese warfare and culminated in wars of unification, initiated by the tactically gifted Oda Nobunaga and completed by his protege Toyotomi Hideyoshi.

This period also saw the ill fated invasion of Korea (1592-1598) in which the Japanese not only fought the Koreans but also the Ming Chinese (Jurchen/Manchu).

To allow more freedom to the sculptor for poses (and ease of casting), the two sword combination (Katana / Wakizashi) worn by the many of the Samurai & Ashigaru is provided as a separate casting in the packs to glue in place if desired.

Pictures Code Description Price Unit Pack
Samurai with sword SAM1 Samurai on foot attacking with Sword - 3 variants £2.80

50 figs : £16.80

can include command if desired

samurai with Yari SAM2 Samurai on foot attacking with long spear(Yari) - 3 variants £2.80
Samurai archers SAM3 Samurai archers on foot - 3 variants £2.80
Mounted samurai with long spear SAM4 Mounted Samurai with long spear/lance - 2 variants £2.80

25 figs : £16.80

can include command if desired

Mounted Samurai with bow SAM5 Mounted Samurai with bow - 2 variants £2.80
Ashigaru with long spear SAM6 Ashigaru with long spear - 3 variants £2.80

50 figs : £16.80

can include command if desired

no pic yet sorry SAM7 Ashigaru with bow - 3 variants (available now) £2.80
Ashigaru with Arquebus SAM8 Ashigaru with arquebus £2.80

COMMAND and Extras

Samurai foot command SAMC1 Samurai Foot Command - 4 figs x 2 (Commander, Standard Bearer + Large Banner, Conch Blower and Drummer) £2.80 n/a
Mounted Samurai Command SAMC2 Samurai Mounted Command - Commander, Std Bearer + Standard, Trumpeter (available now) £2.80 n/a
  SAMX1 Back Banners (Sashimono) x 10 (available now) £2.00 n/a
  SAMX2 Swords x 20- the Katana / Wakizashi combination. Already provided with figures, but available separately just in case you wanted some more! £2.80 n/a
  SAMX3 Standards (large flag) x 5 - provided with command packs, but available separately just in case you wanted some more! £1.00 n/a
This range is now complete - we could do a few small additions though if you really want them, let us know!
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