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War Elephant
War Elephant

HTI1 : War Elephant(Armoured), includes 2 archers and driver

HTI1 : Another view of the Elephant!

HTI2 : Spearmen - the first and last two are the same figure shown with and without the (separate) shield. They are all armoured, spears cast in place. HTI3 : Javelinmen - each figure shown twice to front and rear detail - all are unarmoured and have spears cast in place. And yes, I did forget about the small round shield(separate).
Tribal Bowmen
HTI4 : Bowmen, all four variants shown - the second one is unarmoured HTI5 : Tribal Bowmen - not wearing very much at all! (nice hairstyle though). The figure on the left is also in HTI1
Matchlock men
HTI6 : Rajput or later swordsmen - small buckler type shield cast in place HTI7 : Matchlock men
Foot Command
HTI8 : Its the cavalry - spears and shields cast in place HTIC1 : Foot command - you get the two figures on the left with HTIC2 as well
General in Elephant
HTIC2 : General on Elephant - we could not find any other pictures of officers to do a different figure but he looks arrogant enough to be a general! HTIC2 : different view - the trick is to paint the houdah and Elephant's armour with much more finery than in HTI1.