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NEW RTW 28mm Releases : Mounted Bashi Bazouks, more Turkish Reservist Infantry, NCO additions to various foot command, Mounted General Skobolev, 40mm artillery piece/mountain gun ... 1870's Russo-Turkish and Balkan wars

Turkish pictured below (painted by Neil Burt)

Turkish Brigade

Latest 15mm releases .... Later Samurai (c1550-1600)



UPDATE November 2021 : Still no surgery date! Orders have been prolific over the last few weeks so to allow us to get these and any new ones posted to arrive before Christmas, we will close to further orders on 3rd December. Any order received after this date will be added to the 'to do' list for 2022 - customers will be kept informed on likely posting dates

** Pics from our Highwaymen range below see the full range **

Gentlemans Bodyguard
Gentlemans bodyguard mounted
Bow Street runner
Bawdy House keeper / Victim

Some of the new additions shown above painted by Sarah Nolan and Graeme James


Building Roofs and Gable Ends (see page here) and a Medieval Galley in 1/1200 scale (see page here)

Medieval Galleys  Completed building

The Bank / Embassy etc
Street of Shops
The Street 2
The Street 1
Railway / Vaiduct Arches

(pictures from our 28mm Building Frontages Range, designed/painted by Paul Smith - GO HERE for more details)

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