15mm Crusade period Islamic range

Most of the pictures shown below are the results of the painting handywork of Brendan Moyle (who commissioned the initial Ghulam figures of the range) and Nik Gaukroger, both of these knowledgable gentlemen can be found lurking on the DBMlist if you wish to compliment their artistry
Islamic elite/guard cavalry
Islamic Elite cavalry
Ghulam Heavy cavalry

CI1 : Islamic Elite Cavalry/Guard (anotated picture from Brendan)

CI1 : again from Brendan with various details anotated

CI2 : Ghulam Heavy cavalry (anotated picture from Brendan)

Ghulam heavy cavalry

mix of CI1 and CI2

Turkomen Cavalry

CI2 : Ghulam Heavy cavalry (anotated picture from Brendan)

mix of CI1 and CI2 from Nik's army

CI3 : Turkomen Cavalry - also suitable for Seljuk armies (from Nik G)

Turkomen horse archers
Turkomen Horse archers variants
Guard / Dialami foot
CI4 : Turkomen Horse Archers (from Nik G)
CI4a :Turcomen Horse archers 2. 4 Variants firing (single piece casting), 4 variants reaching for arrow - separate figure, comes with CI4 horse). 3 of each shown in pic) CI5 : Guard / Dialami foot - front view (from Nik G)
Islamic light archers
CI6 : Seljuk Javelinmen CI6 : Seljuk Javelinmen (mix of shields with these guys) CI7 : Islamic light archers (from Nik G)
Bedouin light cavalry
CI8 : Bedouin light cavalry (not sure if the colours are correct - but they look attractive!) CI8 : again - from rear (the thing I like best is they are easy to paint!) CI9 : Mule mounted Arab infantry (swordsman - shown in master form)
CI9 : Mule mounted Arab infantry (Archer - shown in master form). Will get metal or painted versions displayed a.s.a.p. CI10 : Arab Infantry Swordsmen CI11 : Arab Infantry Archers
CI12 : Adath (Civic Militia spearmen) CI13 : Ghaznavid Heavy Infantry (Spear and Bow) CI14 : Ghaznavid War Elephant (three crew)
mamluk cavalry
CI15 : Mamluk Cavalry (bowman and spearman) - Oops, these are actually on the Syrian horses! The figures will be supplied on the 'tied tail horses CI16 : Fatamite Cavalry (supplied on the Syrian horses) CI17 : Syrian Heavy cavalry
CI18 : Dailami Javelinmen (the Javelins in the production figures are 'double ended i.e. Zupins) CI19 : Dailami bowmen CI20 : Islamic Crossbowmen
Sudanese infantry with Latt Sudanese infantry with Glaive
Sudanese Javelinmen
Sudanese Bowmen
CI21 : Sudanese Infantry(with Latt mace and Glaive) CI22 : Sudanese Javelinmen (2 variants) CI23 : Sudanese Bowmen
Naffatun firepot/firelance
CI24 : Naffatun firepot/firelance    
Ghulam Command
Mounted Saladin Command
Saladin Command Group (foot)
CIC1 : Ghulam Command (on armoured horse from CI1)

CIC2 : Mounted Saladin Command (fantastic camel for the drummer!)

CIC3 : Foot Saladin Command (there are 2 sets in a pack)

There are a lot more to come in this range which will also include the Crusaders and Byzantines eventually

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