Franco-Prussian War Gallery 2 - Prussian

Latest photos of much better quality and paintwork supplied by Dave Huntley with many thanks, see his excellent blog article on one of his FPW games LINK

Prussian Line
Prussian Jager Firing
Saxon Jager

Line Infantry : FPP1,2,3 & FPPC1

Landwehr : FPP4,6 & FPPC2

Jager Firing : FPP9

Saxon Jager : FPP13, 14 & FPPC5

Bavarian Line

Bavarian Line : FPP20.21,22 & FPPC8

The Wurtemburgers : FPP23,25 & FPPC9

Prussian Cuirassiers : FPP27 & FPPC10

Prussian Dragoons : FPP29 & FPPC11

Bavarian Chevaux-leger
Bavarian Uhlan

Prussian Hussars Charging : FPP31

Prussian Uhlans : FPP32 & FPPC13

Bavarian Chevaux-leger : FPP39 & FPPC16

Bavarian Uhlan : FPP40 & FPPC17

Prussian Art Crew
Prussian Guard or Horse Artillery
Bavarian Foot Artillery
Prussian Limber

Prussian Artillery Crew : FPPA1 (unpainted)

Prussian Guard/Horse Artillery(only 4 horses of 6 and 2 crew of 4 used) : FPPA2, A9 & A15

Bavarian Foot Artillery with 6lb Krupp : FPPA6 & FPPA16

Prussian Limber : FPPA8 (full version)

Artillery and Crew
Prussian Generals
Bavarian Generals


Painted Artillery and Crew(full sets) : FPPA1(left) & FPPA6

Prussian Generals(2 of 3 supplied) : FPPG1

Bavarian Generals : FPPG2


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