Franco Prussian War Gallery 1 (French)

Line Advancing
Line Marching
Line Infantry from front

FPF1 : French Line Infantry Advancing

FPF2 : French Line Infantry Marching (unpainted)

Mix of FPF1, FPF3 and FPFC1 viewed from the front

Line Inf from back
Fusilier marines

Mix of FPF1, FPF3 and FPFC1 viewed from behind

FPF18 & 19 : Fusilier Marines (in vignette)

FPF44 : Line Infantry in Greatcoat Advancing (unpainted)

Line Chasseurs
Franc Tireurs
Garde Mobile

FPF8,9,10 : Line Chasseurs a Pied (in vignette)

FPF23 & 23a : Francs Tireurs (in vignette)

FPF20/22 & FPFC9 : Garde Mobile/Nationale

Line Lancers

FPF27 & FPFC12 : Cuirassiers

FPF29 & FPFC13 : Dragoons

FPF33 & FPFC15 : Lancers


FPF35 & FPFC16 : Chasseurs a Cheval

FPF37 & FPFC17 : Hussars

Artillery : Mitrailleuse to left and 8lb Smoothbore to right (FPFA16 & 12)


FPFA5 : Foot Artillery Limber

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