D.B.A./D.B.M. etc Armies Page

We have decided to offer 'ready made' armies 'off the peg'for most of the 15mm ranges, these can be seen on the respective range pages - however if these are not suitable for your needs, we still offer a Custom made army service (mainly to allow you to cover the variations that can be chosen in the armies from the latest lists of the various rule sets).

To make up a Custom army, simply order the codes in figure quantities rather than in packs.

Foot figures are 30p each, Mounted figures are 60p each.

e.g. 20 x ROB1 = £6.00

every 50 foot or 25 mounted of the same code are discounted to £14.00.

e.g. 120 foot = 2 x 14.00 + 20 x 0.30 = £34.00

30 cavalry = 1 x 14.00 + 5 x 0.60 = £17.00

NB : Command are excluded from the above deal