The Dark Ages Gallery

Shield Wall

ROB1 : Shield Wall painted by one of our customers - Robert Lisle, many thanks and well done Rob

ROB2 : Archers

ROB3 : Light cavalry

Heavy Cavalry
The 'flying fish'

ROB4 : Heavy Cavalry painted by Robert Lisle

ROBC1 : Foot command

ROBC2 : Mounted Command

Foot Command (General and Standard)
Light Cavalry
ROBC1 - General and Standard painted by Robert Lisle The Druid from ROBC1 painted by Robert Lisle - the sword in the stone is a scratch built extra - lovely touch! ROB3 : Light Cavalry painted by Robert Lisle

FRA1 : Shield wall

FRA2 : Archers

FRA3 : Cavalry

FRAC1 : Foot Command

FRAC2 : Mounted Command

SAX1 : Saxon Warband very nicely painted by Robert Lisle (includes SAXC1)

Commander/hero from SAXC1

SAX2 : Saxon Archers

SAXC1 : Four figures from the Foot Command painted by Rob Lisle as a lovely little vignette

Commander/hero from SAXC1 painted by Rob Lisle with Standard from SAXC2

Wixzard/Shaman from SAXC1
Dark Age Monks
Wixzard/Shaman from SAXC1 painted by Rob Lisle complete with severed heads (from spare figures I assume!) - very nice SAXC2 : Mounted Command MNK1 : general monk / priest figures for use with any 'tribe'
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