Customised Orders

What do I mean by 'customised orders'? .... it's easiest to explain by example!

A number of customers have recently been in touch with tentative enquiries about things like - 'can I have 12 figures rather than 8 in a pack?' or 'can I have Dark Age figures with Late Roman shields?' or 'can I have a warband made up of 40 unarmoured figures from the Dark Age range?' .... with a final 'how much will it cost?'

So, rather than us having to repeat the answer each time it seems simplest to actually tell you all what the answer is 'up front'! (not exactly a mind boggling amount of reasoning needed to come up with that decision!)

The simple answer is YES! In fact, if you can describe your requirements (and they are physically possible!) - we can fulfil them! We have always been more than happy to supply 'tailor made' orders - we have just managed to keep it a bit of a secret until now (after a few customer prompts!).

To keep the pricing simple, a single 15mm foot figure (including shield, spear etc where appropriate) costs 30 pence and a single mounted figure costs 60 pence.We have made this exactly the same price as the packs - so you can now tailor your order at no additional cost.

For 25/8mm figures it can vary quite a bit depending on what you choose from the different ranges, please check with us for the particular range BEFORE placing an order.

I think that just about covers it - the simple rule is 'do not be afraid to ask'! Our aim is to provide the best customer service that we can, so just tell us what you want (what you really really want!).

One last note - YES, we do supply shields seperately (if they are not cast on the figure!) - they cost £1.00 for 20 in the 15mm scale(eventually I will add this to each of the range lists!)



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