The Ching / Manchu Dynasty Range

15mm Pewter Figurines

(Foot = 8 figures, Mounted = 4 figures, unless otherwise stated)

The Jurchen ,a Tungusic people originally from southern Siberia migrated to north-eastern China and in the early twelfth century destroyed the Khitan Liao dynasty to establish the Jin empire.They overran virtually all northern China but were then driven out in 1234 by the invading Mongols. In1592 the Japanese Samurai invaded Korea and the Jurchen allied with the Ming Chinese to counter the invasion. Thereafter, in the early 17th century the Jurchen,now calling themselves the Manchu overthrew the weakened Ming to proclaim the Ching dynasty, Chinas' last. Who zapped the Japanese? Who mangled the Ming? - the Manchu!

This is a customer commissioned range

Ching Mounted Lancers
Mounted Lancers (4 variants, 2 in Lammelar, 2 in Brigandine armour)
Ching Mounted Swordsmen
Mounted Swordsmen ( 2 variants, 1 in Lammelar, 1 in Brigandine armour)
CH3 Halberdiers
Halberdiers (Brigandine armour - 4 variants)
CH4 Spearmen
Spearmen (Brigandine armour - 2 variants)
CH5 Swordsmen
Swordsmen (padded armour - 2 variants)
CH6 Archers
Archers (Brigandine armour - 2 variants)
CH7 Matchlockmen
Matchlockmen (Brigandine armour - 2 variants)
Mongol Archers

Light Cavalry (Mongol Archers - 2 horse and 3 figure variants)

Artillery Crew

Light Artillery (Light Gun on 3 wheel trolley + 3 crew)

Crew shown in photo (used for both codes) Gun shown below left

Light and Medium Artillery guns

Medium Artillery (Meduim gun on 4 wheel carriage + 3 crew) crew is common to both codes

Gun on right of photo

Ching Mounted Command
Mounted Command (3 mounted figures - General, Standard, Umbrella bearer - an umbrella top is supplied)
CHC2 Foot Command
Foot Command (3 foot figures x 2 - Officer, Standard, Drummer)
STARTER ARMY (numbers of figures)
  • 8 x CH1 Armoured Cavalry Lancer
  • 4 x CH2 Armoured Cavalry Swordsmen
  • 8 x CH3 Armoured Halberdiers
  • 16 x CH4 Armoured Spearmen
  • 8 x CH5 Armoured Swordsmen
  • 16 x CH6 Armoured Archers
  • 8 x CH7 Armoured Matchlockmen
  • 1 x CHA1 Light Artillery
  • 1 X CHA2 Medium Artillery
  • 1 X CHC1 Mounted command (3 mtd figs)
  • 1 X CHC2 Foot command (2 x 4 figs)

72 foot, 15 mounted, 2 artillery + crew : save £1.70


NB : Lances/spears are NOT supplied with this range as per the commissioners instructions (use brass wire etc.)

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