28mm Pewter Figurines

Foot packs contain 8 figures - other packs as listed

AZTEC Gallery (Mexica/Triple Alliance)

If you need inspiring on the period, visit Neil Burt (and friends) 'The Feathered Serpent project' gallery - this shows the making of the Seige of Technotitlan display game that they have put on at a number of wargame conventions, it includes pictures of our figures and those of other manufacturers along with some fantastic scenery - it is TRULY awe inspiring LINK

Novice Warriors   mix novice in loincloth and novice in vest

AZ1a : Novice in loincloth

AZ2 Otami Warriors AZ2 - Otami Warriors

AZ1 : Novices in vest (second photo shows the the other 2 variants along with 2 of the variants from AZ1a)

AZ1a : Novice in loincloth (4 of the 6 variants - other 2 are with the vest warriors from AZ1)
AZ2 : Otami Warriors (example pack contents). Superbly painted by Neil Burt of 'troop of Shewe' painting service (see links page for details) NEW - an AZ2 vignette by Neil, painted as 2 captive priests(with a TXC3)

Three captive warriors  

AZ2 and AZ3 by Remi Spindler

AZ4 : Eagle Warriors
AZ4 : Eagle Warriors

AZ3 : Three Captive warriors (4 of the 6 variants on left) On right a superbly painted version by Hugh Carroll with figs from AZ1 in the background. Another lovely job Hugh.

The third picture is from Remi Spindlers Aztec army of a mix of AZ2 and AZ3 - beautiful!

AZ4 : Eagle Warriors (4 of the 6 variants) superbly painted by the lads from Curteys Miniatures AZ4 : Eagle Warriors (example pack contents) superbly painted by the lads from Curteys Miniatures
AZ5 : Jaguar Warriors
AZ5 : Jaguar Warriors
AZ6 : Cuachic Warriors
AZ5 : Jaguar Warriors (3 of the 6 variants) AZ5 : Jaguar Warriors (3 more variants) AZ6 : Cuachic Warriors (3 of the 6 variants)
AZ6 : Cuachic Warriors
AZ6 : Cuachic Warriors
5/6 captive warriors AZ7 warrior in mixed group
AZ6 : Cuachic Warriors (the other 3 variants) AZ6 : from behind to show the back banner more clearly AZ7 : Warriors in bodysuit (5/6 captive) - 4 of the 6 variants. Pic on right is another lovely paint job from Hugh Carroll. There are two AZ7's in the pic, a 'standard' one on left and the one in the middle has had the banner from AZC5 substituted, A Jaguar warrior and two from AZ1A complete the group.
AZ8 : Slingers
AZ9 : Levy Bowmen
Aztec Levy Bowmen
AZ8 : Slingers (4 variants) AZ9 : Levy Bowmen (allied tribes) AZ9 : Levy Bowmen (with some paint on them this time!)


AZ10 Warriors with Atl-Atl

Baggage Carriers
Aztec Villagers
AZ10 : Warriors with Atl-Atl (master figures, then 2, 3 and 5/6 captive warriors with back banners added where appropriate) AZ11 : Baggage Carriers (master figures shown) AZ12 : Aztec Villagers set
Canoe paddler
Aztec canoe
AZ13 : Casualties (master figures shown) AZ14 : Upright canoe paddler (master figure shown) AZ14a : Aztec canoe - I put 2 random figures in to show scale, did not have the paddlers handy!
demon mask captain and conch shell blower Neil Burts version of AZC1
Coyote mask captain and conch shell blower AZC2 painted by Erwin Buelens
AZC3 Captain in Crocodile mask AZC3 by Neil Burt
AZC1 : Captain in Demon mask and conch shell trumpeter - and a version by Neil Burt. OK - so he's a better painter than me :-)
AZC2 : Captain in Coyote Mask and conch shell trumpeter. Photo on right is Erwin Buelens army, a Belgian customer, many thanks Erwin
AZC3 : Captain in Crocodile mask with 'smiling demon' banner, drummer with horizontal drum. Painted by Neil Burt of 'troop of Shewe' painting service (see links page for details)
AC4AZC4 by Erwin Buelens
AZG1 : General as Snake Woman priestess
AZC4 : Captain in Boar mask with Cuachic banner, drummer with hand held drum. Another photo from Erwin on the right - he has used the back banner from AZC3 (and a shield from someone else's range!) AZC5 : Captain in Vulture Mask with 'fire' back banner and flute player (another masterful paint job by Neil Burt) AZG1 : General as Snake Woman priestess, with claw banner and national standard, drummer with upright drum
Emperor in Quetecoatl mask and handmaiden
Sacrifice Set Sacrifice set
AZS2 Merchants / spies
AZG2 : Emperor in Quezecoatl mask and handmaiden with fan AZS1 : Sacrifice Set (Priest, 4 acolytes, victim and stone) brilliant painting by Neil Burt AZS2 : Merchants(Pochteca) / Spies (come with one each of the variants from AZ11)
Snakehead scenic piece
Umbrella back banner
two captive priest back banner
AZS3 : Snakehead scenic piece (fig shown for scale) AZ7a Umbrella back banner on AZ7 plus AZ7b - two captive priest banner on AZ3 (I made a mistake here - the banner should have been on an AZ7 figure!) NEW : An AZ7a banner on a Tlaxcallan Elite(TX3) by Neil Burt AZ7a Umbrella back banner on AZ7 plus - two captive priest banner on AZ3 - shows the banner but on wrong figure!


Shields, Back Banners and Multiple Weapons are supplied as appropriate

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