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EUR1 : Avar Extra Heavy Cavalry

EUR2 : Avar Heavy Cavalry

EUR3 : Avar Light Cavalry

EUR4 : Slav Javelinman

EUR5 : Slav Bowman

EUR6 : Slav Axeman


Photos supplied and Figures painted by Steve Bowns, many thanks Steve, a lovely job.

click HERE for Khmer shield / standard images in PDF format also kindly supplied by Steve

KHM1 : KHMER War Elephant

KHM2 : KHMER Cavalry

KHM3 : KHMER Javelinman

KHM4 : KHMER Spearman (no armour)

KHM5 : KHMER Archer

KHM6 : KHMER Crossbowmen

KHM7 : KHMER Ph'Kak'Man

KHM8 : KHMER Maiden Guard

KHM9 : Khmer Infantry/Round Shield

KHM10 : Khmer Infantry/Long Shield

KHM11 : Khmer Elephant mounted Artillery

KHM12 : Khmer Fierce Fire oil caster

KHM13 : Khmer War Chariot

KHMC1 : Khmer C in C on Elephant

Some of Steve's Khmer Army

I also love these Khmer Elephants! This time, Figures painted by Paul A. Hannah, Seattle - absolutely lovely work Paul, many thanks.

Burmese Elephant with Castle

BUR1 : Another Elephant - this time, the Burmese with platforms

BUR1 again - from the front

BUR2 : Elephant with castle

BUR3 : Elephant with Archer

Burmese Guard Cavalry
Burmese Guard Spearmen
BUR3 : (again!) different model, different view! BUR4 : Guard Cavalry BUR5 : Guard Spearmen BUR6 : Burmese Guard Crossbowmen
Burmese Levy Cavlry

Burmese Levy Spearmen

Levy Bowmen
Levy Crossbow
BUR7 : Burmese Levy Cavalry BUR8 : Burmese Levy Spearmen BUR9 : Levy Bowmen BUR10 : Levy Crossbow
Foot Command
Mounted Command
BURC1 : Foot Command BURC2 : Mounted Command    
Khmer Push Cart
This is a Khmer Push Cart scratch built by Steve Bowns using figs from the Khmer, Burmese and Sui/Tang ranges. Sadly we could not see a way of producing it commercially - if you would like figures for conversion, just ask - we will try and help

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