The People

1) Partners

Marilyn (long suffering wife of Jeff)

the buxom lady you usually see at shows, who runs the casting operation, takes your orders and trys to keep you happy, prints and binds the books and tells us all off (usually me!).

Jeff (the worrier) :

the guy you usually see at the shows, publishes the books, does the admin, did this site and doesn't have enough time to do all the other things he wants to do!

2) The Designers

Pete Foggin(the hippy) :

also an associate, designed all our 15mm figures, ships and the new 25mm Ancients, occasionally helps at the shows

Peter Rogerson (the Scottish Manxman) :

full time sculptor, designed our new Mexican revolution range and Border Reiver ranges, will do a whole lot more (when we can afford them!), has his own 'toy soldier' ranges. He comes highly recommended and is very reliable - can be contacted on 01624-816667 (Isle of Man)

Martin Baker

full-time sculptor - did our Highwaymen a long time ago(or so it seems!) currently working on our new range of 28mm Aztecs .... my, how his skills have developed!

3) The Authors

Tom Nutt (ex-serviceman, ex-bodyguard and now avid wargamer)

Wrote our French & Indian Wars book and the three volumes for the Franco-Prussian, and has completed three others which we will eventually get published (honest!).

Dan Mersey (sometime Archeologist, another wargamer - when he gets the chance)

Wrote Glutter of Ravens(our 'best seller') and the Medieval Burmese books, must have done him some good too .... he is now an editor for Brassey's Books!

Daniel Mersey’s website. Author of: Arthur: King of the Britons (Summersdale, 2004): From Celtic Hero to Cinema Icon Legendary Warriors (Chrysalis, 2002): Arthur, Beowulf, William Wallace, and more Glutter of Ravens (Outpost, 1998): Warfare in the Age of Arthur AD400-700

4) The Customers

Yes, that's you! Our philosophy has been to try and produce the ranges that the 'big boys' ignore but that the wargamers would actually like to see. We have a couple of local wargame clubs which help us choose them, but we value all customer information. If you would like to see specific ranges produced - contact us! We cannot promise to produce everything - after all, we have to believe we will see a return on the investment. But if enough people ask ....... (don't forget it can take up to six months to create even a relatively small range by the time it has been thoroughly researched)

We can offer 'club or group' funded ranges, where a range could be sponsored by a wargame club or group - the costs and arrangements would depend on the size of the range, but the idea would be to split the cost of producing the range and the figures would be produced freely for the sponsors (to the value of the original amount sponsored - at a discount). Contact us if you are interested.